Social Media Policy

CSC has in place policies that govern use of its own electronic communication systems, equipment, and resources which employees must follow. The company may also have an interest in your electronic communications with co-workers, customers, vendors, suppliers, competitors, and the general public on your own time. Inappropriate communications, even if made on your own time using your own resources, may be grounds for discipline up to and including immediate termination. We encourage you to use good judgment when communicating via blogs, online chat rooms, networking Internet sites, social Internet sites, and other electronic and non-electronic forums (collectively “social media”). The following is a general and non-exhaustive list of guidelines you should keep in mind:

  1. Make it clear that the views expressed in social media are yours alone. Do not purport to represent the views of CSC in any fashion.
  2. Do not disclose confidential or proprietary information regarding CSC or your co-workers. Use of copyrighted or trademarked company information, trade secrets, or other sensitive information may subject you to legal action. If you have any doubt about whether it is proper to disclose information, discuss it with your manager.
  3. Do not disclose information that could subject the company to legal liability. Data about certain financial transactions, information about medical and health records, and other disclosures may be restricted by state or federal laws. If the company is subjected to government investigation or financial liability based on your disclosures, the company may seek to hold you personally responsible.
  4. Do not use company logos, trademarks, or other symbols in social media. You may not use the company name to endorse, promote, denigrate or otherwise comment on any product, opinion, cause or person.
  5. Be respectful of the privacy and dignity of your coworkers. Do not use or post photos of co-workers without their express consent.
  6. Harassing, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or other offensive content must be avoided. Harassing or discriminatory comments, particularly if made on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, national origin, or any other protected characteristic, may be deemed inappropriate even if the company name is not mentioned. If social media communications in any way may adversely affect your relationships at work or violate company policy, you may be subject to discipline up to and including immediate termination under various company policies.
  7. Ensure that engaging in social media does not interfere with your work commitments.
  8. Social media and similar communications have the potential to reflect on both you and the company. We hope that you will show respect for our employees, customers, affiliates, and competitors.