Branch-Specific Additional Information

*Note that under # 2 Shirt must be an ALL BLACK dress shirt, not all white. Also under # 4 and # 8 – no navy, must be black. This is specific to CSC Philadelphia. 

Employee Uniform Policy

Employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of professionalism by maintaining a neat and clean appearance at all times. Dress codes are strictly enforced.

  1. Black Dress Slacks are required. Slacks should be clean, neat, and properly hemmed. JEANS, TIGHTS, LEGGINGS, SWEATS, CARGO PANTS, CAPRIS, and CORDUROYS are NOT acceptable. (*Please note that certain locations may require khaki pants.)
  1. Shirt must be an ALL WHITE dress shirt. Either a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt is acceptable, but it must have a collar. If an undershirt is worn, it must be white and not contain any logos.
  1. Plain BLACK footwear is required. All parts of the shoe including laces, logo, and soles must be black. They also must be closed-toe, clean, and neat. (Note: Soft-soled shoes allow for better traction and are more comfortable.)
  1. Socks must be black or dark blue.
  1. Belts are required, and they must be black.
  1. Hair must be clean and neat. Long hair must be pulled back (applies to both males and females).
  1. For safety reasons, earrings, nose-rings, and other visible piercings or excessive jewelry will NOT BE PERMITTED.
  1. Hats are permitted for outdoor events only. Baseball caps must be navy blue or black with no writing or logo. The only exceptions to this are CSC logo hats, or a hat with the logo of the client for whom we are working that day.
  1. All CSC staff must carry a small flashlight, black pen, and pocket size note pad to all events.

  2. Your guard license or guard card is part of your uniform.  When applicable, always carry your guard card on you at all events.