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CSC Utilizes Various Methods to Enhance Service Performance and Value to Clients.

All CSC branch offices utilize a web-based software solution for workforce management functions, including recruiting, training, scheduling, credentialing, payroll, billing, sign-in/sign-out and deployments.

CSC has formed a strategic alliance with ISS 24/7, a leading expert in the field of incident management. ISS 24/7’s software enhances the awareness, communication, documentation and analysis of incidents that occur in public assembly facilities in order to reduce risk and maximize guest experience.

CSC has developed a unique and exceptional labor pool through specialized "targeted recruiting." Individuals must undergo a thorough screening process, interview and initial orientation. Background checks are performed in compliance with state and local licensing requirements. E-Verify is also utilized in order to verify employment eligibility. CSC is nationally recognized for its strong EEO objectives and has received employer of the year awards from the NAACP, the Urban League and the Marriott Bridges Foundation.

CSC insists on the highest standards of professionalism in our workforce, and therefore, we ensure that all of our employees are trained well beyond the standards set forth by individual state regulations. There is no room for error when public safety is involved, and we strongly believe that our employees should be trained and ready to handle even the most critical of situations.

CSC’s Management Program provides young men and women the unique opportunity for professional development in the event, entertainment, and sport industries. Through a combination of assignments and responsibilities in both field and office settings, candidates will gain hands-on experience and the unparalleled training and knowledge that CSC offers. Recognizing that its leadership development participants are the future of the industry, CSC is committed to investing the time and effort necessary to provide these individuals with the tools and expertise that will undoubtedly pave the way for successful event security careers.

CSC has experts in every type of special event, and they are always on-call to lend their support and expertise. Additionally, each branch office has the ability to import qualified, experienced staff from neighboring offices, which ensures that CSC is always on-call.

CSC is committed to “Green” practices and makes every effort to be environmentally conscious. This includes the use of recycled paper on printed materials as well as the employment of general recycling and energy-saving practices within each of its offices. CSC has also developed web-based training and other programs to replace booklets, handouts, and printed materials.